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Eater Philly Is Seeking New Contributors

Philly Eater 10/19 8:07A Dayna Evans
Gab Bonghi Here’s how journalists and food writers — both aspiring and established — can pitch to Eater Philly Eater Philly is a local news site based in Philadelphia that reports on restaurants and...

Our Beloved Middle Child Is All Grown Up

Philly Eater 10/15 10:00A Dayna Evans
Inside the new Fishtown outpost of Matt Cahn’s famous luncheonette, featuring a giant chicken Milanese, a full bar with strong drinks, and that one Princess Diana photo you know and love Matt Cahn is in a pickle. No, wait. Matt Cahn has a pickle....

The Bakeries Around Philly Making Practically Perfect Pies

Philly Eater 10/14 7:33A Dayna Evans
Pies from Pie Bird Farm in Bucks County | James Narog Whether you’re planning for Thanksgiving or just in the mood for a slice, these local bakeries have your pie cravings covered It’s October, which...

The 38 Essential Restaurants in Philadelphia

Philly Eater 10/12 10:16A Dayna Evans
Gabriella’s Vietnam Where to go for open-faced Vietnamese dumplings, filling jerk chicken platters, flaky pastries, and sustainable seafood Over the past 19 months and counting, restaurant owners and...

Where to Eat the Freshest Seafood in Philly

Philly Eater 10/12 5:11A Sarah Maiellano
Gab Bonghi The essential Philly spots for raw bars, tinned fish, and perfectly cooked fillets Philly is rich with steak , burgers , and barbecue , but what about meals from under the sea? Sure, most...

The Chefs Who Left

Philly Eater 10/7 3:22A Regan Stephens
Shutterstock The pandemic prompted many of Philly’s restaurant vets to leave the relentlessness of kitchen life behind — and some say they’re not looking back Whether you’ve dined at a restaurant or...

The Top Spots in Philly for a Great Cup of Coffee

Philly Eater 10/5 4:22A Sarah Maiellano
Gab Bonghi Specialty lattes, drip coffee, and beans to-go are just some of the highlights at these neighborhood coffee destinations As the country’s coffee culture evolves, so do the number of spots...

The Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in Philly, Fall 2021

Philly Eater 9/24 3:29A Dayna Evans
Càphê Roasters | Ted Nghiem Birria and tamales, Vietnamese coffee and banh mi, and three kinds of pizza all under one roof — here’s where to eat and drink in Philly this fall. It’s hard to believe...
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