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End of COVID-19 emergency will usher in changes across the U.S. health system

Philly Voice (Health) 3/24 5:00P Rachana Pradhan, Kaiser Health N
The end of the COVID-19 public health emergency in May will bring sweeping policy changes across the health care system. They will affect hospitals, nursing homes, infectious disease surveillance and treatment for people recovering from...

Being 'socially frail' comes with health risks for older adults

Philly Voice (Health) 3/24 4:53P Judith Graham, Kaiser Health New
Social frailty is a corollary to physical frailty, a set of vulnerabilities shown to increase the risk of falls, disability, hospitalization, poor surgical outcomes, admission to a nursing home, and earlier death in older adults. Those who are...

How to stop peeing when you laugh

Philly Voice (Health) 3/23 7:37A Tracey Romero
Stress urinary incontinence – bladder leaks that occur when people cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise – can be embarrassing but it is treatable with Kegel exercises and lifestyle changes. In more severe cases, surgery is needed. Risk factors...

Older men can help reduce childhood obesity by serving as role models

Philly Voice (Health) 3/21 7:06A Louis Bezich
By serving as role models, older men can show younger generations that a healthy lifestyle is within reach, potentially reducing childhood obesity rates. They also can help to redefine masculine norms by encouraging fathers to be more nurturing...

What you should know about sudden cardiac arrest

Philly Voice (Health) 3/21 6:28A Dr. Richard Snyder, for Independ
In the U.S., there are more than 350,000 deaths a year from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and 90 percent of people who experience a SCA outside of a hospital setting die.

To reduce infant deaths, Philly will give guaranteed incomes to 250 mothers

Philly Voice (Health) 3/20 12:08P Tracey Romero
To reduce Philadelphia's infant mortality rate, and its underlying racial disparities, the city is testing a program, named Philly Joy Bank, that will give guaranteed monthly incomes to about 250 pregnant women. Health officials say socioeconomic...

Pandemic stress, gangs, and utter fear fueled a rise in teen shootings

Philly Voice (Health) 3/17 9:01A Liz Szabo, Kaiser Health News
Teen shootings increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring a gun violence epidemic that particularly affects Black, Hispanic and Native American youth. Chronic exposure to trauma changes the way a child's brain develops, and helps...
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